Refurbished Laptops

In these austere times it seems that everyone is tightening their belt and are no longer buying brand new where second-hand would suffice. Sites like eBay and amazon are doing remarkably well and have spawned many other online shops specialising in second-hand goods, or pre-loved items, which seems to be the preferred term. This isn’t just reserved for clothing either, electrical goods and computer equipment can all be bought at half the price of new ones and are very often just as high-spec as their newer counterparts.

Laptops for instance can cost upwards of £600 brand new, but if you opt for a used laptop, you pay a fraction of that price without compromising on the quality. Of course you do have to take the same care, as when buying anything second-hand, that the store has a good reputation. However once you’ve done a little research, you could bag yourself a real bargain!

Refurbished or second hand laptops appeal to many people on a budget who need a good, high quality laptop but who can’t afford the high price tags that come with them. Students for instance have better things to spend their money on than to fork out the best part of a grand for a laptop and so in these cases a used laptop becomes a real possibility. Yet unless you know about used laptops you would be forgiven for perhaps being wary of buying them. Many people are worried about used up memory, slow performance, no guarantees and even of the previous owner’s files still being on the laptop.

Refurbished Pink IBM Laptop Refurbished Dell D600
Refurbished Raspberry Pink IBM T41 Laptop Pink Dell D600 Laptop
Baby Pink Dell C610 Laptop Refurbished Dell X300 Laptop
Baby Pink Dell C610 Laptop Refurbished Dell X300 Bubblegum Pink Laptop

Professionally Refurbished and Customised Laptops and Netbooks

Well the industry has come a long way and now, buying a second-hand laptop should be no different to buying a new one. Refurbished laptops are rigorously examined and tested, any worn out parts are replaced with brand new parts and often the laptop is upgraded to meet current market requirements. All settings are reverted back to the original, factory settings, the entire hard drive is deleted and upgraded so what you get is, essentially, a new laptop without all the fancy packaging. The exterior may be a little worn, even scuffed in places, but the inner workings of the pc are as new. Some used laptops are taken back having only ever been out of their packaging once!

Only after undergoing a strict quality control regime is the refurbished laptop released for sale on the market and then you will be provided with a warranty – the length of the warranty varies from shop to shop but expect at least a 3 month warranty. The laptop can also be customised to your specifications, so if you want it mainly for gaming, the technicians will ensure that the speed and memory are up to full spec. If you want a pink laptop emblazoned with a butterfly – that can often be arranged too! Let the store know what you are looking for and they will customise and refurbish one of their used laptops to suit your needs.

In fact the demand for refurbished laptops is so huge that as well as stores that specialise in refurbishment, you’ll also find the large pc retailers such as PC World selling them online and in their stores.

So if you are tightening your belts like the rest of the UK, then refurbished laptops should appeal to you as a safe, no-risk alternative to a brand new one, with a little more character thrown in for free!

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