reformat my laptop because very slow?

i want to reformat my laptop


  1. Hi there. As long as you have an xp/vista disc the process is simple. Here’s what to do:
    1-Insert the xp/vista disc into the laptop.
    2-restart the laptop and boot from cd
    3-click to reformat drive and fresh install xp/vista
    4-when needed, insert cd key which is located on the bottom of your laptop.
    5-Make sure to install updates eg, service packs etc and security software.

  2. Well if u don’t have much stuff in it then i suggest you go ahead and reformat. if you’r using win 7 32 bit
    then this time install the 64 bit version. if this still persists then go to a hardware store and get a new ram of at least to 4 gb i suggest 6 gb.

    hope this helps :-)

  3. Ok reformat it :-)

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