recovery disk on sony vaio?

i have had sony vaio laptop for a while now with no problems,but have only just realised it didnt come with a recovery disk .can i still make one now even though the pc is about 18 months old . if it can be done what type of disc do i use and how do i do it? the operating system is windows vista.


  1. ▐▀▀☟▀▀▌ ☞ღஜღ☜ ▐▄▄☝▄▄▌ says:

    If you are using Vista there is a feature with in Vista which allows you to back up all your drivers and all your software.

    You will need to tell us what operating system that you are using.

    You will be able ot back up your PC onto DVD’s

    I think Vista premium takes 3 DVD’s

  2. Blair W says:
  3. Vincent says:

    At least 3 single layer DVD-Rs. You will have to find wher the backup and recovery department is on the Sony. The instruction are usually simple. It takes a long time to burn the disks, too.

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