Question about University notebooks?

I’m off to university in October, studying Chemistry. What type of notebooks does everyone use to write up their notes/ experiments etc. Is it worth investing in some decent notebooks?


  1. Cochise says:

    Most of my students use various small laptops that are called "notebooks."

    As for the old fashioned pen and ink on paper [the kind I mostly still use], any multi-subject spiral notebook is just fine.

    A number of my students have a briefcase containing several manila folders or expanding folders and they just use notepads and tear off the sheets and stick them in the folders.

  2. DaniBaje says:

    In terms of writing up experiments you’ll have to wait until you get to uni to discover how your professors want that done. At my university for some labs we used sheets of folder paper, others required specific lab books that were purchased from the university and others had to be printed.

    For writing notes any notebook will do. Get what you prefer

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