Question About Anti-diarrheals.?

Before anybody says “see a doctor” i am waiting for my new insurance card to com in the mail. So in the mean time i have diarrhea everyday pretty much all day whether i eat or not. I started a new job which i cannot walk away to keep using the bathroom. I’ve tried Pepto Bismol, Immodium.. ect and they do not last the lenghth of time i need them to. I also tried half of a 7mg morphine pill for my back pain and found that it also made me not use the bathroom for an entire day almost. However i do not want to continue that habit plus do not have access to them anymore. I bought Loperamide hydrochloride 2mg tablets at the store and they seem to work but i need to take more than the reccomended dose. I need a medication that controls diarrhea for 8 hours or so not something i have to take every half an hour like pepto. I do not care about constipation… with my problems constipation wopuld be a nice change. lol Does anyone have some advice for me or what else can i take?


  1. You could try these natural remedies. Blue berries – lot of them are used in many Swedish hospitals to stop the problem almost instantly.
    There must be a reason for this and I would wonder if you are eating something that your body doesn’t like or having too many vitamins.
    There is also another explanation – sometimes if we have been ill we lose our immunity in the bowel as well diarrhea over a long time can flush out our “good bacteria”. From then on its problem all the way.
    First address the food issue. Plain boiled rice is good – add a little bit of cooked WELL cooked chicken and you have a meal. That shouldn’t irritate the bowel or the stomach.
    Next you need to replace the good bacteria because this helps your immune sytem. You need food for the bacteria and this can be got from cooked beans – and if you eat lots of them often then you will NOT get gasses – or you can get the proprietry brand of Bimuno or something similar. You need to take one sachet per day for at least a month.
    Then theres the little expensive pots of “good bacteria” – you can get the same effect with a HUGE cheap pot of natural yoghurt – mix about a quarter of it in to a glass of milk and drink it down. You need to do this often because most of it will get killed with the stomach acids.
    You should see some good results fairly soon. But if you in any way start with a fever then you need qualified help.
    Another booster is D3.

  2. Mooned Y!A says:

    Immodium/ loperamide – If you look it up online, there are people with IBS who take multiple pills a day. You can take one in the morning and one at night. Start with one a day. It won’t kill you and will regulate your bowels.

  3. Im sorry if my answer grosses you out….but I think that you might have something called encropresis. Look it up. If you aee leaking poo or not a lot is comin out you might be chronically constipated or have a plug of poop that the slimy poop runs around. You need to get this blockage out of there. On the weekend ( or a day when you have a couple days off work) drink some miralax…a really large dose. Eat lots of prunes and water. Get unplugged..,,,, you alsoneed to look at your diet cery hard. You may have a gluton intolerwnce. Try to follow a diet made for gluton intolerance and see if it helps. Youmight alsi have a milk allergy. Cut out all milf products. See if these naturwl chanfes help you. Also, meditate every day. Stress can cause problems with your stomach.try to take at least a half hour a day and listen to relaxation music on youtube and just relax your mind. Try to workout or walk everyday. Also I read somewhere that you could have a vitamin c deficiency. Pop some vitamin c. Wear those disposable underwear until you cwn control this issue. Bring flushabke wipes and poweders to stay fresh. Wear a light fresh body spray

  4. Immodium (Loperamide) is your best choice.
    See my source to find your local community health center, which will treat you.
    If a card has been mailed, you are covered. You don’t need to wait until you get the physical card. Call the insurance company (google to get their website) for your account number.

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