Problem with Acer Aspire Laptop? PLEASE HELP!!?

Hey, I’ve been having problems with my Acer aspire laptop, it’s been randomly overheating and it only connects to the internet when it’s RIGHT BESIDE the router. I don’t want to take it to a specialist for repairs, because the problems first occurred when I sent it there before. Thanks


  1. the wifi card might be user-replaceable via a panel on the bottom. do this with the battery out and the power off.

    check the antenna connections that they are correct according to the service manual or other online help. they may have gotten some swapped by accident.

  2. Ardit Dashaj says:

    You didn’t specify Acer Aspire model!

    Usually, unscrew and open bottom cover, remove heatsink from PC, that is over CPU and Chipset, clean it from dust, and replace thermal grease. but many Acer Laptops have the CPU and Cooler heatsink down of motherboard, and this requires that you to have enough knowledge and be well experienced with laptop’s service in order to dissassemble and reassemble your laptop!.

    Another way to clean (as much as it’s possible) is using an vacuume cleaner! Power off your laptop, switch on vacuum cleaner and put its hose to the hotair exit window on backside of Acer down the corner or Screen. This can fix it if the path of air exit are not so dirty but at least may cool down your CPU.

    As for Wireless receiving power:
    - Try with another wifi router (at a friend or a bar cafee with free wireless access) If it will connect ok it may be your router problem.
    the antenna on your wifi nic on your laptop may be disconnected or its connector (as it is very fragile) may be broken. You need to dissassemble your laptop! On your Wifi NIC there are two conductors (white and the other black) and very carefully to check if they’re connected properly.
    If connectors on Wifi nic are damaged you’ll need to replace the card or buy an USB Wifi adapter.

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