POLL: Titanic or The Notebook?

what movie do you thinks better in your opinion and why? Titanic or The Notebook??


  1. Princezz . says:

    Jack. ♥

  2. Titanic

  3. Notebook

  4. Titanic

  5. VanityPrincess says:

    Notebook was good.
    Titanic was amazing. I cry everytime.

  6. Cūpcάкә ♥ K says:

    Have never seen The Notebook
    So I think Titanic is better.

  7. I Love Michael Jackson says:


  8. Nick Truman says:


  9. The Blunt Ugly Truth says:

    Titanic. It was more epic.

    The Notebook had a pretty ridiculous and cheesy ending.

  10. Those are my two favorite movies , can’t pick!

  11. Upen Patel says:

    Depends on what you’re looking for. I’d say Titanic, and I’m not saying this because it was more expensive to create. The fact that they built a 700 foot model of the ship, and sunk it as the set says a lot. Additionally, the story line, I think, is more touching and has more of a power to it. While the Notebook is a fine movie, none-the-less, Titanic has several lessons about humanity that can be learned from it. The Notebook is more of a cliche ending, as well, while Titanic’s ending was unique and even more heartbreaking. Plus, the fact it won 11 Academy Awards doesn’t hurt :)

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