Poll: Small laptop or large laptop?

Which one would you rather have?

And what are the disadvantages of having a small laptop?


  1. i have a large laptop, and idk. i would rather the large.

  2. Lenalee Lee says:

    If they were both equivalent in how well they worked, I would choose the large laptop. I find it impossible to type on net books.

  3. Large laptop

    small laptop has a small screen and is bad for ur eyes!

  4. sami paige (: says:

    definatly a large. you just cant see small ones cause the screens tiny. and if your willing to haul around a tiny laptop you might as well just go fo rthe full size one. and business people just look funny with a tiny laptop..i dont know they just do. big laptop means business haha.

  5. GlacierX says:

    small… well the screen’s small too. not good for people like me who have a gazillion windows/tabs open and want to view at least 2 windows at once.

    small ones may not be that powerful too?

    cuz i like to use my laptop for gaming as well

  6. hunter1984 says:

    Depends on what you are going to use it for…. Gaming, probably a larger laptop will be better. For school, business, travel or just surfing the net you can probably get away with getting a smaller one. And with the smaller ones usually the performance is way lower unless you are spending a significant amount more on it.

  7. Just an average guy. says:

    Small keys, small screen but good for space and it has qualities for being carried around a lot easier then a big laptop, not too many disadvantages but I mean I like mine. My is good for me.

  8. Tom is awesome but not here says:

    I love ‘em big ;)

  9. ♥ Paulomi ♥ says:

    the one that is more technologically advanced.. :)

  10. polka dots says:

    Large laptop

    small laptop means small screen and me no like

  11. Small laptop

  12. Large laptop!!!!!!

    Small laptop may be more compact but I like big screens!!!!

    Can you please answer mine:


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