pc tablets or notebooks?

Hello all :P

I have been looking at a new laptop as my current one is rather old and unfortunately now on its last legs. I have been looking at notebooks and the Pc to tablet devices, but am unsure with what to buy.
I am looking at these in particular as i need a small laptop for my studies that has a long battery life, quick start up and i’m able to play games like minecraft on them as well as easy general navigation and good internet navigation. Is there anything on the market that you would suggest for this? I’m not really conerned about budget at the moment as i’d just like an idea of good possibilities
Thanks! :3


  1. If budget isn’t a problem, I’d take a look at the new Windows Surface tablet. I don’t have any personal experience with them, but the specs look pretty nice for a tablet. It has great portability, great for surfing the web and it should easily play Minecraft. I’m not too sure about this – but there is a version of the Surface tablet that has Windows 8 and a version that has a different OS that wouldn’t run windows apps. Just make sure if you get it that you get the one that runs Win 8.

    EDIT: ok, here is some pricing: 32gb tablet £399, 32gb with case £479, 64gb £559.

  2. I would do a little research first. There are so many options out there. Most notebooks have quite enough power and storage so what you really need to research is battery life and durability. Consumer reports always has great info.

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