Packard bell or Acer laptop?

I have a budget and want to know which is known to be better packard bell or acer? I dont want people saying get HP etc because I am on a budget. Thanks


  1. I have an Acer laptop for the last two years it,s been performing very good, they are much cheaper than top name brands and for me they perform just as well as them . You can add a 100 quid or more for the brand name, so go for an Acer.

  2. Swiftsaves says:

    i personally used P bell .they light Weight they local made that’s why they don’t have much features those acer have .
    i recommend you def buy Acer .

    Acer made some great machines or stay tuned with our online auctions website great machines are on the way coming online for sale.

  3. Do not go for a Packard Bell. Acer is a lot better and more reliable. Had experience with Packard Bell the are rubbish to repair.

  4. Sohail N says:

    I would go for the Acer as they have a better manufacturer’s guarantee and are more reliable than Packard Bell. Even though Packard Bell is the more established brand, it has since gone down hill from what I have seen.

    So in short go for the Acer Laptop!

  5. Acer
    support isn’t always some indian
    Acer is awsome

  6. Eric Dolphy says:

    I’d got for Acer but I believe PB are pretty good these days

  7. chizzler says:

    Acer is actually a quite nice brand. It’s generally cheaper than most other, and performs just as well or better. I’d go for an Acer even if I wasn’t on a budget.

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