Original iPad or iPad 2?

Obviously the iPad 2 is an upgrade over the original iPad, but is it work the extra 0ish for the newer version? Or would the original be fine? I pretty much just want a tablet to surf the web, play games, follow sports, etc. I’m pretty sure that I won’t have a need for the camera or FaceTime, and I’ve heard that the other upgrades are minimal.

Please tell me what you think if you’ve had both or if you just want to share your opinion. Thanks!


  1. Well i read your question over the net and wanted to share my knowledge, since i too am a technology lover. If you are concerned about the size as well as with the weight iPad 2 is a bit smaller and lighter than the iPad. You don’t find any difference in the storage capacity between the two. Besides the chip is advanced with a dual core chip in iPad 2 which is an advantage over the normal iPad. Moreover the operating system is a bit advanced in iPad 2 when compared with iPad.

    Well if any quarries about the same please let me know. Thanks.

  2. iPad 2 – it has more memory and is a dual core processor and the best reason to get one is … because you deserve it! Don’t purchase an old obsolete iPad! The iPad2 will be much more enjoyable.

  3. 1) It really depends on your budget and if you like to have the "newest" technology. If you are short of cash but you really want a tablet device then take advantage of the price drop of the original iPad.

    2) If you want a device that will not be outdated soon and you like the newest technology then go with the iPad 2.

    3) The iPad 2 will allow a much better internet and gaming experience, but the original will be adequate if you are not overly concerned with performance.

  4. I wouldn’t say the old iPad is obsolete. The new iPad isn’t that different from the first one. Just faster and it has cameras. I have the old iPad and personally, I’m not gonna get the ipad 2. I’m gonna wait until the iPad 3 because it will most likely be more revolutionary than the iPad 2 is. The iPad 2 only has a couple minor changes from iPad, but the next one will be much better. And also I wouldn’t pay $100 more than the old one just for a camera and a faster processor, because than isn’t enough to blow off a great deal on the original.

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