Opinion on Cromebook notebooks?

I need a new laptop/notebook just for browsing and college work, it will be barely uses as I also have an iPad but I was just looking at this Cromebook ( http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/acer-c7-chromebook-19348027-pdt.html ) but then I thought maybe they aren’t very good for £199 has anyone got any reviews or anything to say about them? I need help finding a cheap, reliable notebook. As you can tell on a pretty small budget!


  1. try going for a low end laptop for just a little more than the chromebook also from http://www.curys.uk.com

  2. Cute Mixed Dude. says:

    My suggestion is do not go for the Chromebook specifically, because there are a lot other notebooks that are much efficient and have longer battery life. Just do a little research on google about best rated notebooks 2012-2013 also you can browse notebooks on websites like Pcworld and Currys, those sites have rating and reviews from real buyers, so they are reliable.

    Best of luck.

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