Notebook Sims 2 Help?

Okay, I have bought a new Notebook and I know that it doesn’t have a disk drive. How would I play the Sims 2 Double Deluxe without putting the disk in?


  1. Michael Ronson says:

    install zoo tycoon 2

  2. use the registration code at EA Store, download the game from EA Store, Done

  3. Dominick Plonker says:

    There’s is a registrAtion code in the back of the games manual copy it then download ea manager then type in the games code And download the game but indoubt it will work cause
    Notebooks aren’t really for gaming so they don’t have a reAlly strong graphics card and doesnt have much disk space sorry for being dry but if you can return sims 2 return it and just buy a ps2 and sims 2

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