Notebook laptops with a dvd drive?


I want a notebook laptop, but with a dvd drive. I don’t know… anything, pretty much, about computers (well, I can USE them. But in terms of buying them, I’m lost). I don’t want anything stupidly expensive, I just need something that I can take lecture notes on, and watch DVDs. Nothing major.

I’m also apparently awful at internet research that isn’t academic, because if my googling is representative of truth, no such laptops exist anymore. Which I know isn’t true.

Anyway. If anyone can recommend a brand (brand? Do you call it brand? Make?) of notebook laptop that meets my criteria, it’d be very very much appreciated!!

Thank you!



  1. well laptops have had dvd dries for years and years, they are starting to take them out but that is only in ultrabooks and apple computers. anything with windows, every Dell laptop (not ultrabook) has a dvd drive, same with Samsung, Sony Vaio, HP, Compaq, Lenovo and every other one

  2. There is a differnece between a notebook and a laptop. Notebook is super small, crappy in my opinion, and has no dvd drive. and they basically suck at everything except browsing the internet. You need a laptop, all laptops have dvd drives and some even have Blu-Ray drives. any laptop over like 13.7" will have a dvd drive. Just ask the person you are buying from. Good luck on finding the right one.

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