Notebook, laptop and netbook?

I have read as much as i could about the difference in these but i still don’t really understand.. I want a laptop that i can play games on, go on the internet and use word processing etc. But the problem is i don’t truly understand which is the best at these.. I don’t have a lot of money to spend either.. any advice people?????
ok…so i wudnt b able to play games on the netbook? i’m more focussed on word processing and etc. maybe checkin my emails and facebook .. i don’t need one with lots of memory as i have a computer.


  1. Netbooks are smaller more portable and cheaper, but they do not have a cd tray.

  2. Notebook and laptop are the same thing. The netbook is a smaller version with usually a 10" screen and less memory. You cant play games on it, but its pretty good for basic web surfing and word processing.
    A laptop is what you typically see, usually between a 13" screen to a 17" screen. They have better graphics cards and more memory. Their much faster and come with more things than a netbook.

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