Notebook Help needed urgently!!!?

I have an advent notebook which i have had problems with. a couple of days ago it came up with security sheild which i am now aware is a virus. after this i scanned using my security software which had just updated and also installed windows updates. Since this when i turn the notebook on it gives me the first advent screen then i just have the screen which i can see is lit but windows does not show. I have tried to start it in safe mode which also doesn’t work. Is there anything i can do??? Please help!!!


  1. Maybe it’s possible to repair your current windows installation, but i know little about that. There might be some bootable antivirus or rescue/utility dvd available or something like that, but you would have to search for that yourself.

    If there is any userdata on the laptop you definately want to rescue find a way to do that. 1 way, apart from repairing windows, is to take the hdd out and temporarily put it in an external casing. You could then access the data on it from your desktop (if you have one, or borrow a computer) and copy it for instance to another external hdd. You can then place the hdd back in the laptop (this is normally quite easy but follow the instructions, or watch youtube vids on this topic) and use any recoverypartition on it, or you could place a completely new hdd in your laptop and set up your system on that hdd depending on which os installation source you use.

    In case you can’t repair your current windows installation (or don’t want to, because a fresh os installation is always best) you need to install an operating system. But where are you going to install from and what are you going to install? Maybe you have a recoverypartition, maybe an original windows xp installation dvd, or maybe you want to use the occasion to upgrade to windows 7 (if your laptop meets the systemrequirements)? I any case you need some installation/systemrestore source.

    After having determined what you are going to install and where from, determine what more you need. If you use a recoverypartition you might need nothing else, but if you are going to install from a microsoft dvd you wil need the drivers for the laptop, best collect them beforehand, not forgetting any motherboard chipsetdriver, if needed, and all the other drivers that belong to your hardware.

    For more info on how to set up your system:;_ylt=AtawkP2p1GHSJWyZh37mgMnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110131084134AAZnmJ8
    (this is an answer to a similar situation, and it links to many other of my answers with info on systemsecurity and sytemmanagement)

  2. Sounds like it’s knackered. ha ha.

    If you have the ability, remove the Hard Drive, connect it to another PC and scan it for viruses on that one. If not, you may be best trying to run a repair of windows (using the Windows installation CD/DVD).
    Failing that, just wipe it and reinstall windows – if you don’t mind losing anything that’s on there.

    If you have data on there that you definitely want to keep – and you have no way of removing the hard drive and connecting it to another computer to do it, then contact a local computer repair person who should be able to sort it out.

  3. If you have the recovery disc or Windows install disc that came with the notebook, you can use that to attempt to recover your MBR (Master Boot Record), which may have been damaged, causing these symptoms. See my source link for how to do this.

    You can also use the recovery disc to re-install the operating system. This should always work, and it is the only way to be absolutely certain that you have got rid of a virus.

    If you re-install the operating system, consider recovering your files first, as they will be deleted during the re-install.

    You could do this by putting the notebook’s hard drive into an external USB enclosure, connecting it to another computer and copying your personal files onto that computer. Make sure the other computer has good anti-virus protection and that you don’t run any .exe files from the drive. Ideally, use a Mac or Linux PC for this job.

    Alternatively, boot your notebook from a Linux Live CD and use it to copy your personal files onto a USB memory stick or similar device.

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