notebook and external hardrive?

will a notebook still be able to runn of i plug a seagate 500GB external HD into it via usb? will it wun if on AC power, and on its main batterys? plz peeps, i need some help. i dont want to take the chance of blowing things up here. ten (10) points up for grabs! whooooo


  1. Yes it will work perfectly. Just plug & play. But you cannot run the HD on laptop’s battery power through the usb cable. You have to have it’s own battery or plug it in to an AC outlet.

  2. UK_Andrew says:

    If I understand correctly, you are asking whether or not your notebook will still work correctly if you plug your 500GB external hard drive into it via USB?

    Yes it will. You’ll need the external power supply to make it work though. Your notebook will not power it via USB alone.

    So, plug in the HD power supply and connect to your notebook via USB. Windows will detect the drive and off you go.

    It will not blow up. I promise.

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