no safe mode option dell inspiron 2500?

Iv had my Dell inspiron for about 5 years,it was giving to me in college and i only used it for college,its been lien up for 2 years now and i cannot remember my password so i thought i would just go into safe mode and change my password like iv done before with my other dell.But the only option i have is F2 witch is setup?iv tried F8 and never works just beeps and continues as normal,iv also tried all the F buttons but nothing else works apart from F2.It is Windows XP Professional.There is nothing wrong with the computer or any of the buttons.What else can i try?i have a Disc that says (For Reinstalling Dell Inspiron 2500 System Software).Can i use this disc without my password?If any1 knows anything i could try could they reply step by step what to do,i would appreciate it.thanks you.
Thanks for the reply scorpian,the thing is i cant get onto my desltop because i dont have my administrator password


  1. You just have to keep tapping away on F8 as it boots up.

    If it doesn’t work then it must be a problem with the keyboard.
    See if you can borrow someone else’s keyboard.

  2. scorpions_attitude says:

    you can get into safe mode by

    Start > run > type "msconfig" > press enter
    It will system configuration window
    click on second tab next to general" BOOT"
    check the option safe mode > click OK

    now your computer will boot up in safe mode only.

    if this doesn’t fix the issue. you can contact support at 1800-708-2154

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