New Sony Vaio E series or new Dell Studio 17?

Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me. I am after buying a new laptop, I do not own a desktop so it will be used for everything. I will mainly use it for university, general internet surfing and playing World of Warcraft. My main concern is that it can play w.o.w well at a high fps with no lag. I am also likely to get photoshop at some point as I would like to start doing a bit of graphic design in my spare time.

Based on these requirements I have narrowed my choice down to the two below laptops. I have seen an acer with similar specs too however I am anti Acer at the moment as my Acer lasted just over a year and had so many problems, therefore I want something much more reliable. So here we go my options are:

Sony Vaio E Series 15"
Intel® CoreTM i5-450M, 2.40GHz
320 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm)
Blue Ray (on offer for free at the moment)
39.4 cm LCD, 1366×768 + webcam (option to get 39.4 cm LCD, 1920×1080 VAIO Display Plus HD1080 (1920 x 1080 pixels) (16:9) + built-in "Motion Eye" digital camera (0.3 Mega Pixels) for £40 extra if worth it? Could anyone make any suggestions please?)
ATI MobilityRadeon HD5650 1GB

for £678.99


Dell Studio 1749 17.3” High Definition+ (1600×900) LED with TL- 2.0 webcam
Intel® Core™ i5-450M (2.4Ghz, 4 Threads, turbo boost up to 2.66 GHz, 3M cache)
500GB (7,200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive
4096MB 1067MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2x2048]
DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD) with DVD Burn software (same as Vaio except no Blueray)
1GB ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650 Graphics Card

£748.99 (I am a student though, so I think Dell do offer a discount of 6% for this)

Can someone please give me some help as to which machine is the best out of these two.
I have some thoughts, which would be great to have help with also. I really like the graphics card in these machines, however I have heard that in the Sony Vaio they have underclocked the ati 5650 to 450mhz, which has worried me – I don’t want to pay extra for this graphics card if it is not going to perform as well when playing warcraft on the vaio.

However I love the size and look of the vaio – i think it is more mobile than the Dell if I am correct and I have heard that Song quality is much better than that of Dell?

The only reason I am really considering the Dell is because of the graphics card not being underclocked – will Dell be much better graphics wise because of this? I ave heard Dells are known for overheating though which is worrying.

If someone could shed some light on these thoughts that would be amazing as it is costing me a lot to buy this machine and I would hate to make the wrong choice.

Anyone that owns either of these machines and can give me some help that would be great a well!

Thank guys =)


  1. Rainco Luss says:

    Dell has a more honest ‘professional’ reputation. They’re good, solid and stylish. Although all companies have problems with support services if/when things go wrong, Dell’s reputation in this area is still one of the better ones.

    Sony are way more stylish and sexy, with plenty of ‘street credibility’. They’re very good machines, but v.expensive, so you generally don’t get value for money.

    If it’s my own money that I’ve slaved over to earn, then Dell is the better choice, but not the D610 as I personally think it’s not thin enough, but that’s my personal choice. As my office is paying for my new laptop, I’m getting a Sony FS!

  2. some guy says:

    dell used to be good. not anymore. never buy another dell, until they get there crap together.

    always buy the "other" pc/labtop than getting the dell.

  3. Completely look forward with Sony Vaio,

    One model that would perform great among all of your needs is the "CW" Series from Sony Vaio.

    But if either the two get the Sony Vaio, It is the quality and reputation aspect to look forward with Sony and it is more International Brand Named Company Very well known.

    Another fact why dell is a real bad company for a reason that Dell recently found out that it refused to recall over 1.4 million computers they shipped while knowing that it is 97 percent faulty and still it did not take action against it,

    While Sony could decide millions of laptop recalls for its reputation and fix your laptop for free due to awareness of potential hazard to it’s consumers and reputation.

    No doubt Sony Vaio,

    Sony Created One Innovation – / Ericsson / Playstation – PSP / Bravia / CyberShot / FlashDrive / Blu-Ray / WalkMan /

    And Sony Vaio,

    Dell > Only Computer Industry that is losing it’s reputation for malpractices and losing the competition among innovations,

    Decisions is yours but me myself got my Vaio and service center is excellent upon request of laptop guide and repair, And my opinion and suggestion is to take Sony Vaio IF the competitor is Dell then it dell is like very likely to lose the competition not unless it’s competitor is a MacBook but it’s not.

    Sony is higher class and end comparing to a dell cheap branded laptop.

    >> And about the Graphics Card being underclocked
    Remember that the Graphics Card that Sony Vaio uses is the same with the Dell upon specifications,

    And what you heard is untrue or just a rumor Sony won’t underclock a GPU for a reason that Sony needed a GPU to perform as what it offers it’s Specification what’s the use of having ATI HD GPU underclocking it for use to its laptop it’s selling?

    AND WOW will work in Sony and i guarantee 60% but with dell i’m not sure and won’t guarantee because of the fact that dell does not offer much when it comes to GPU since it’s last known reputation record.

    the Sony Vaio offers more than the features of the dell. Sony Vaio have

    BIOS update

    Firmware Update / Patch system

    Vaio Care preinstalled Registry cleaner and disk cleaner maintenance

    And none of this is with Dell it only distribute a Laptop with a Windows 7 installed with it but Sony offers a update for any laptop drivers that needed to be fixed can be done thru update,

    I have a Sony Vaio CW – VPCW26FG

    2.40GHz Intel i5 – 2.9GHz turbo boost

    500GB / 5400RPM

    4GB DDR3 RAM

    2400MHz FrontSide BUS

    NvidiaGeForce 330M – 512 dedicated / 412Mhz

    2GB Video Memory and 3D quality capable at it’s specs.

    Windows 7 64-Bit

    So what to say? I owned several Sony vaio products and it’s simply the best.

    UGh and Sony Vaio Come on it’s the highest brand name of laptop!!! As in Sony!!

    >SONY< compare to dell ugh it’s like you bought another Acer sister company laptop….

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