new macbook or sony vaio CS11S?

I want a good looking laptop (being female and all), and these are the two I just can’t decide between.
I’ve never been a "mac-fag", but I have to admit that apple has one of the best looking technology units out there.
I would definitely buy a mac, but I have a limit, and vaio has much better specs for the same price.

So what do you think I should do? D’:
thank you :)


  1. Had a Sony/Windows combination until Xmas 2007 when I switched 2 the Mac

    I was not unhappy with it’s performance capabiliities, I was unhappy with the lack of software available which is still the case today
    Yes, I know I could have installed Windows at extra expense

    The Mac O S has many good points but for my specific needs proved
    disappointing 2 frustrating at times

    Xmas just past I purchased a new Sony vaio and touch wood I am now more than happy with the overall decision 2 switch back

    The Mac has many desirable but few essential features whereas the Sony/Windows partnership has many essential features and a few desirable ones

    However the end of the day it is down 2 u

    No offence b more concerned with the features and performance
    capabilities of the new purchase coloured pink pale blue/green
    or whatever will make little difference

  2. Sony.
    The mac is for the more advanced computer user.
    With a MAC you can boot windows as well as nine other operating systems if you wanted to with use of a fater called boot camp.

  3. none.
    get alienware.
    best laptop ever!

  4. I think both look good
    if you just need a good laptop
    go for vaio
    of course mac has best interface with lots of operating systems at the same time
    along with its outstanding graphics features
    but if u dont need all of that
    then i think u should go for the vaio
    and they have some really cool cover colours to choose from(female colours :p)

    Hope this could help!
    Good Luck
    happy new year xD

  5. Mac

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