New laptop(HP,Toshiba or Acer)..?

i’m getting a new laptop but im not sure which one is best, acer has the best price and all reviews are positive but i wanted a toshiba because i have 1 toshiba satellite since 2009 and still works fine.


  1. Gods_Wrath says:

    NEVER EVER EVER buy an acer they are cheaper for a reason it WILL break and you will have no customer support, personally i would go for the HP. But really just get a mac book.

  2. Belinda says:

    I’ve got the pavilion g6 and I love it! If you go on pc world the 1tb hardrive and 8gb memory one is only £359! cheaper than the one shown on amazon and more memory!Never runs slow and never had a problem I have the 1tb one

  3. Go for the Acer unless price is no object. Acer gets good reviews and is a solid machine. I’ve owned all 3 brands over the years and the Acer brand was as good as Toshiba or HP.

  4. Acer is junk. Very heavy on bloat.

    Toshiba modifies the OS and drivers to lock you into everything Toshiba. Windows on Toshiba is not MS Windows it is Toshiba MS Windows. Some of the bloat your stuck with.

    HP does best for not modifying things as badly and bloat is very easy to get rid of. Good quality if you do not buy at the basement of their models.

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