New laptop battery or new laptop?

It’s been 2 years exactly since I bought my laptop and it is now giving me a notification that my battery is dying and i should consider replacing it. So I looked online and found the battery my laptop currently uses and it’s -80 from a site I never heard of. It’s not a great battery as it only lasted up to a record 2 hours on power-saver mode with minimal usage and maybe 1 and a half hours on regular when it was fresh out the box. Assuming I do buy it, I’ll be dragging this thing around painfully into 2015.

So yeah, it’s cheap, but do you think it would be a better investment to buy a newer up to date laptop (0-0 range, same price as this one 2 years ago)? Or stick with old technology that has taken quite a bit of abuse?


  1. tofffees says:

    just replace the online thoroughly first

  2. Consider some of the large capacity laptop battery.

  3. question for you
    does your current laptop do what you want it to? – if not then that answers the question

    Most power used in a laptop is used by the hard drive
    what you COULD do is buy new battery and SSD drive, and put OS on SSD
    (ONLY put the OS on the SSD) Put all your data onto an external hard drive (USB powered or mains powered.(preferably))
    (you could always remove SSD and put into your next laptop)

  4. If you want to breath some new life in your laptop by extending the run-time to more then what you had when it was new, it would only cost about $60-$80 dollars for 6 cell "Max Capacity" laptop battery.

    They are designed to be better than OEM and use the best/ most expensive cells made today (Advanced Panasonic NNP). They deliver about %30 more run time then the the OEM and about %50 more then the typical cheaper Amazon or any other 4400mAh 6 cell batteries. Oh and the last about 3 years! So pound for pound this battery is on the high end of the quality scale.

    BatteryCare.Net just gave a glowing review about the extra power and long service life.

    They can be bough at

  5. look for a cheaper replacement battery, like ebay, but make sure that they have high feedback scores.

  6. try & you should be able to find a cheaper battery. you also can save up for a newer laptop too.

  7. Having jsut been through this with my old laptop, I suggest you buy a new one, I bought a replacement battery, and it lasted longer for a couple months but then rapidly lost its ability to hold a charge, it now no longer charges up at all. This happened over ~3 months. This may be a particularly bad example, but its also relevant. A new laptop will last you longer and probably preform better, but it will be a little more expensive. However, there is no need to throw away your old laptop, it will still function perfectly without a battery so long as it is plugged in.

  8. Know It All Guy says:

    Get a new laptop. Usually batteries that come from third party websites are not very good, and will be worse than your original battery. You might be able to find a new computer in your range with a 4 hour battery life. Check HP, they have some pretty nice laptops for a good price.

  9. If you want to upgrade then my suggestion is bring a new laptop.
    If you are in economic crisis then better way is get a new battery.

  10. Its up to you to decide! but you can get a cheap battery replacement at Amazon, newegg, and Ebay. so hopefully this helps!

  11. Harley Drive says:

    try ebay , same batteries half the price

  12. Wow, that sucks. No, get a new laptop. Look around on Amazon for different kinds of laptops, try to find one that has at least 5 or 10 hours of battery life. With minimal usage, my MacBook Pro goes like 14 hours, so it sounds like what you have is a really bad laptop (with a really bad battery).

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