New iPad or iPad mini?

I’m trying to decide to get the new iPad or the iPad mini. I have a first gen. iPad right now and it is starting to get really slow and I can’t do the things I would be able to do on a new iPad. The mini is really cool, and to me the only thing I would be sacrificing is the size. Everything is great on the mini, but I’m wondering if size is such a big deal. Also the chip in the new iPad is a 6X and the chip in the mini is a 5. What should I do?! I want 32 or 64 GB, so the iPad 2 is NOT an option.


  1. That.One.Guy says:

    Get the new iPad unless you’re looking for a portable iPad.
    The iPad mini doesn’t have the RETINA DISPLAY, which is a pretty big drawback as you can see pixels once again.
    The processing speed also plays a big part and you would be better off with faster speed on the new iPad.

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