new dell inspiron laptop crashes?

got a new dell laptop.
i havn’t used the internet on itand havn’t installed any new programs. all programs worked fine for a few days.
this morningwhen i try to open anything, the laptop crashes, the mouse arrow moves around but i cant selct anything.

wondering if anyone else has had this problem.#
any solutions?
i’m thinking of returning it.:(
i did phone.
problem ot solved, the said they’d ring back. but havn’t.

i was just wondering whether or not anyone else had this problem with dell. As far as my contacts go everyones for Dell!


  1. says:

    I have an insirpon XP works great, the vista is having problems Call dell
    it should have a waranty being so new. Night time is great to call you
    get great help from India

  2. Cyberwizz says:

    It seems to me

  3. Returned it for a new one to prevent it to happen again.

  4. dick010453 says:

    return it – and get another one that doesn’t crash -nothing wrong with my daughters – but it has linux on it!!!!

  5. I just encountered this problem with another Dell. Take it back and buy anything but Dell!

  6. have you installed all your windows updates and updates from your computers website??

  7. Return it and get a different brand Like Compaq. Dell’s are notorious for crashing.

  8. nnucklehedd says:

    Don’t waste your time with people’s guesses on Answers Y! Call Dell Tech Support and they will troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem right away and fix it for free. Since it is new, it is still under warranty (especially if it has been under 90 days). Dell will be all over this because it is especially important for them to have their products work right – especially newly purchased ones. I know it’s frustrating when something new and expensive doesn’t work. Dell has the same very good quality as HP, Compaq and Toshiba. At work, over the past 10 years I’ve never had any of the 300 Dell laptops that have come across my desk go bad like that and that is the reason, along with the great tech support, that we’ve switched from Compaq to exclusively Dell. Their models over the past 4 years have been especially outstanding. Granted, we use their Latitude models, they have been great for us.

    Call Tech Support and give them a shot at it (you’ve paid for it) and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what they’ll do for you.

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