netbooks, notebooks and laptops.?

just to straighten things out.
netbooks are the very small ones.
notebooks are like laptops but you wouldnt be able to do any decent gaming on there. (and they have no internal CD drive?)
laptop… i know what laptop is.


  1. Yes, netbooks are usually the type smallest computer you can purchase and usually do not contain an internal CD drive. However, you can purchase an external CD Drive. They tend no to have that much power

    Notebooks are pretty similar to laptops but are best used for Internet, Email, Word Processing, Power Points, and Spreadsheets, but you can still do minor gaming on them. Most contain a CD Drive as well.

    Laptops are the most powerful of the three. 99% of laptops contain a CD Drive. You can do anything on a laptop that you can on a desktop. You can game, surf the internet, download software, music, make word documents, power points, spreadsheets, and virtually anything you can think of.

    That is just a minor breakdown of all 3. Hope this helps!

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