Need help from Dell PC users…?

How comes I can’t access the Dell Support Center?, because the Dell Support Center icon on the bottom right-hand side of the desktop has a exclamation mark on it, indicating that there is a information alert, but when I click on the icon it says "Please wait while Dell Support Center setup process completes" then after a few minutes it says "Unable to activate Dell Support Center, please login as administrator and try again" But the confusing thing is I am the administrator and when I tell my friend this, he tries it on his and it works straight away with no problems. So I was wondering if anyone with a Dell computer has experienced this and could help me get onto Dell Support Center to see the alert.



  1. reinstall… online help

  2. Dell has this problem with their software if you call support they will give you a tiny URL so that you can down-load the fix.

    on a personal note:
    good luck with Dell support……….i won’t say anything more.

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