Need charger for Sony Vaio laptop?

I need a charger for my Vaio AR61M, the sony centre sell it for about £100. Ive been told by numerous computer shops and sony themselves that using the wrong charger can burn out you laptop and even the universal chargers can if not the right volts/amps.

I want the original sony one, the model of the charger is VGP-AC19V16.

Is there anywhere that will have it thats cheaper than the sony centre price? If not I will eventually have to buy that one.



  1. c_r_y_p_t_x says:

    Why not google that model number, add charger behind it, and see what the search gives you. There are several different replacements for this part out on the market, that was made according to the original specifications of the laptop. Most of them give guarantees and warrantees on the products.

    Your laptop can just as well be burned out by a defective Sony charger. You know what the model is that needs to be supported, as well as being able to read the voltage and the wattage specifications on the back of the old adapter, so you cannot really buy something that will burn your laptop out.

    Below are some sites that offer the replacement charger for that model number:

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