Need a Good Laptop?! Help?

I want a top of the range laptop with absolutely everything on it, what laptops good for me?


  1. dont get a compaq they are low end hps if you want a really high end laptop then you want to check out the m17x isnt called "all powerful for nothing" they are amazing or the hp HDX 18t premium series is really good o some of the high end acers

  2. I have a Compaq laptop and it’s really good. I really recommend a Compaq or HP laptop.
    I also have an HP computer and I’ve had it for about 5 years!

  3. xxxsweetheartxxxjessxxx says:

    i have an ok laptop but comp-are tomy mujms hers is way better – its a Vao1 or something like that and its a really good make and comes with the Kapensky anti virus which is a good virsu protector and with all the other things. Toshiba is also another good make :)

  4. IBM ThinkPad T42SMB Laptop is a good one or
    Or Phillips all in one
    Compaq is the best

    From Alan Russell

  5. I would go for Lenovo ThinkPad W500, or T400…But, you can check Asus M50SV series, or Asus U50VG-XX061C, Asus M50VN-AK008G
    Asus M50VN-AK008G, and 17" Asus N70SV-TY057C, Asus G71V-7T001C
    Asus G71V-7T001C
    Alienware, even high end is overpriced and overestimated, like Macs in their own way…Check to configure your own laptop…
    Also high end Sager laptops are good as well…

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