My Wifi has stopped working on my Sony Vaio?

I have had a computer guy out to look at it and he says it is probably the wifi memory card inside the computer that has broken. He said he would fix this by just plugging something into the USB. My computer isn’t that old; do you think this is the case and if so where could i buy such a device from in the U.K? Thank you very much :)


  1. ßÏĻĻŶ says:

    You could try a new wireless driver.

    Look for your product here and download a new Wireless driver and install it.

    You can buy wireless card from any computer place. You plug them into the motherboard and install the driver that come with them. It’s really easy to do.

  2. Jay Dawg says:

    You can buy them pretty much anywhere. PC World, Supermarkets sometimes do them, any computer store, Maplins, almost anywhere at all.

    Belkin are a cheap brand but some don’t like them, Buffalo are another cheap brand. I find them both to be satisfactory but buffalo does not insist on installing extra software in excess of the driver (which is good).

    It is a USB network adapter.

    They cost about £15-£25.

    They are easy to do yourself.

    Have you tried locating the button that manually switches off the wireless on your laptop. Sony Vaio’s definitely have them (I had an old one) and it may well just be switched off (assuming your tech guy doesn’t know much directly about Vaio’s).

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