my sony vaio laptop doesnt come on anymore.?

even when you plug in the charger, the charge indicator light doesnt come on. There’s just no sign of life.


  1. you might have killed it. If it is under the manufacturer’s warranty, contact Sony for service. Otherwise take it to a repair shop and find out the estimate to repair.

  2. First try a different wall socket, next try the fuse in the wall plug. Then try to borrow a similar or universal charger. Still no joy? Then check that the plug’s going into the socket on the laptop okay. Give it a wiggle. If it seems loose, it may be that the socket’s come loose from the board inside the machine. Find a small PC repairer who seems to know what he’s doing, it’s just a careful soldering job.
    Good luck.

  3. First check the male end on your charger and the female end on your laptop and make sure nothings in the way of the contacts. Your charger might not be giving off enough power. I think that it is the battery. I would replace the battery and the charger.

  4. It is possible that you’ve damaged your ‘brick’ and that there is no charge getting to the laptop. If you have an electrical tester, check the power adaptor.

    Do you have a mate with the same laptop (same connector) or do you know anyone who has a universal laptop adaptor, give that a try first. If not, it’s a trip back to Sony – and you may not see the data again…..

  5. Sony’s are renown for failing.
    Fixing a sony using genuine parts is very expensive
    it could be a miriad of faults, overheating is one of the most probably causes. Look first on sony site to see if yours is one of the batterys that failed and they will replace, you’ll need the serial number from your battery.

    you need an expert to repair it, or worth getting a quote because often its cheaper to replace than fix especially with a brand such as sony.

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