My Laptop Restarted. Please Help Me?

My dell laptop is only 1 years old. The screen went black; blue writing appeared and then it went of. Only to restart several minutes later. Anyone understand because I don’t want it to break already?


  1. ianmccully says:

    imho i would switch on the laptop and go to and scan for all known viruses or have a look at my links for more info thanks


    if not then email me thanks

    or maybe it is a program you installed lately which is conflicting so uninstall and everything should be fine



  2. I have Questions says:

    Like someone said before, you have probably just experienced the blue screen of death. It occurs to prevent the hardware inside your computer from being damaged. There are many causes of BSOD. One cause of BSOD may be your computer overheating from excessive use.

    Read more about it here:

  3. There’s no sure way to tell what caused what happened from what you wrote in the description.

    Does the laptop seem to be working fine now?

    Were you in the middle of running a program or doing something on the Internet?

    It could be nothing, or it could be that you need to do some "software repair" or it could be a virus or something. You don’t happen to remember what the "blue writing" said before the machine went off do you?

  4. endingexodus says:

    Thats called a BSOD. It may or may not be significant, keep your data backed up and you should be ok.

  5. My laptop used to do that because it was overheating. So I got a laptop cooling fan, that the laptop sits on,and is run by usb into the laptop, and haven’t had the problem since. I got mine on Amazon.

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