my dell hates me… help!?

I have a Dell Latitude D610. It overheats like crazy and now it won’t open up internet explorer unless I click on it like 50 times rapidly. I cleaned out the keyboard and used ADAWARE to get rid of all the junk on it… but it’s still super slow and I don’t even know what to do! It used to be sooo fast when I first got it, but now it’s insanely slow and I can’t really send it back; it’s been too long. I just want to CLEAN it out and have it be back to what it was like before… please help!


  1. Well, if it overheats, you can’t do anything in terms of software. You’ll have to open up your computer and install a new fan or something.
    If you know it’s a software problem, then I’ll recommend a COMPLETE new Windows installation: that’s because some problems cannot be fixed with a virus scanner or spyware/adware, like bogus registry entries that load useless stuff. Make sure you backup all of your data (on CD of DVD, or a removable hard disk, etc etc), then reformat your HD. Good Luck!!!!!

  2. batsuperhero says:

    maybe you have a lot of viruses

    do what rachelle told you

  3. rachelle105210 says:

    I would suggest doing a complete Windows reinstall, take the time to move the files and folders you want to a CD or USB portable disk drive and then reinstall your OS. You should have a Windows XP? cd that came with your computer… If you don’t call Dell and ask them to send you one or ask them how you would go about obtaining one, follow the instructions of the reinstall including partitioning the hard drive. When this is all finished you will need to download a few drivers to make your comp. work like normal but those can all be found on the Dell website.

  4. digital genius says:

    get regvac, clean the registry.
    clean the adware again
    clean off the spyware. get spy sweeper.
    scan again for virus’. avg is a free one,
    uninstall any programs you dont use anymore,
    defrag the hard drive again.

    if its still slow after all that.
    wipe it and put on xp. service pack 2. avg, and whatever programs you use.

  5. anginfla says:

    My Dell hates me too. Mine’s a desktop dimension and it does all kind of crazy things like it knows when I say something about it. But its been struck by lightning twice, fell out of a moving vehicle and was tossed out of our car when we hit a deer. that was after picking it up from the repair shop. everyone tells me it is a good computer because it still runs after all that but its kooky! I would go ahead and take it to somebody and have them do a system restore on it as far back as they can go with it to bring it back to normal. mine is too late I have changed out the hard drives and parts too many times and i think mine is just ready for the dumpster. good luck.

  6. You can save everything and set your computer back to the factory settings. I had to do that with my dell laptop after a week of having it because it was cramed with spyware.

  7. seranna99 says:

    two different statements there!
    if it truly is overheating look into a new fan (easy enough and cheap enough) also make sure to clean out the vents in the back

    the other part may require a new virus protection program sounds like you’ve been hit with a vius?

  8. Absolut_Dogg says:

    Your best bet would either be reformatting and reinstalling Windows XP or going to windows restore and go to a date that you know when the computer was working well. Also you aren’t going to want to use Internet explorer because of the holes and protental keylogging so I’d reccomend using Mozilla Firefox or Netscape 8.1 .

  9. freedomnow1950 says:

    Before you reinstall, go to programs, accessories, defragment. Run the defragmentator. It should speed up your load time.

    Second, get a GOOD spyware/adware remover. Webroot is good. They cost money, but hey, it will protect your computer. Also, make sure you have a good virus software program installed. Trend Micro is the best, in my opinion.

    Since it sounds like your computer has been corrupted, if you can still go online, go to, click on "free tools". That will get you to "house call" which is a free virus and spyware scan. It really is free, and if your computer has trojans, viruses or spyware, it will get rid of them.

    However, the only way to continuously protect your computer is to have good protection installed.

    If none of this works, you will have to do a Windows reinstall.

  10. My Dell loves me.

    How long has it been slow?
    Have you saved a lot of downloads recently?
    Have you used the MS system cleanup tool?
    Have you used WindowsWasher or similar cleanup tool?
    Have you used DeFrag on the MS system tools?
    Have you re-booted?
    How much memory do you have?
    Are you on DSL or dialup service?
    Whens the last time you cleaned/dusted the inside of your computer box?
    Are your computer fans working properly?
    Have you checked for viruses or trojans?
    Have you used a malware program other than AdAware? I use at least 3, they all catch different things.
    These are just a few things to check – there are many others?

  11. Ninkigal says:

    Do you have a lot of files or programs? Have you tried decompression? Don’t click all those times, it just makes the machine work harder. Is the harddrive in a ventilated place? If it’s overheating, there may be a problem with the harddrive. Take it to a repair shop.

  12. Please tell me what is the Internet speed, Memory you have, How much GHz and what Operating system your using.

    ^^ iff you don’t understand what i just said, i’ll tell you the steps:
    1)right click my computer
    2)click properties
    3)should tell you how many RAM you have (in mb), what windows you using, and how many GHz your currently using.

    For adwares, i suggest: ad-adware 6
    for spywares i suggest: spybot search and destroy
    ^^ those can be found at for free

    tell me your computer’s ability (OS,RAM,MEMORY) so i can know more about what type of computer you have

    Another way i can know for sure if your willing to:Reinstall your window (delete everything) or use system restore (window xp only)
    System Restore: go to safe mode (F8 right when you boot your computer), then you restore it to another time

  13. blessed_thang says:

    You noticed all the avatars on the niffty I’m willling to bet your Temp Internet Folder is about 2 gig full by now. I know my machine slowed down.

    Go inside the Windows Folder. Look for Temp Internet. Open that. Select all and Recycle Bin. Empty Recycle Bin. Before you go to bed run Disk Cleanup. Hope this helps.

  14. legend1981 says:

    Ive had a vision about this, you need to have it excorsised, the devil is in your lap top, take it to a priest my child and have it excorsised, god help us! god help us all!!!

  15. try formatting your hard disk n reinstall ur OS. it always help me. i hope it wud help u….

  16. david m says:

    Simple my Friend….
    1.) completely reinstall windows
    2.)before you do that backup important files to a cd or a document and music host online
    3.) after you reinstall windows BUY yes BUY norton antivrus see wich one is right for you ..theres office version, online etc. you have to put in the code and activate it online or not you wil not be protected after a month…
    4.)try not to use administrator use a user account . Just use adminstrator for upgrades that need administrative pricvillages

  17. meetultra says:

    You should first know if it’s a software problem or a hardware problem.

    If it’s a software problem ( say there’s loads of junk, or you’ve installed a lot of applications or there are too many startup items that open up when you start the computer, or it’s been one year or more since you re-installed windows it’s definitely a software problem) go ahead and do wat rachelle told ya.

    But you also mentioned that the computer heats up abnormally – this means that there’s something wrong with the hardware. Now wat I would suggest is to download a software that calculates your CPU temperature.It would be available with Processor manufacturer’s website(if you don’t know call up DELL and ask what processor you have, sometimes you’ll even have it with the driver CD you got from Dell at the time of purchase).Install it.Run it.If it shows you any warning or shows a red screen, call up Dell and ask them for support.

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