My Acer OrbiCam stopped working…?

So, I got my Acer Aspire 5100 about a month ago and downloaded the "upgrade Windows Vista" program that it came with because the salesman told me too. It really messed up my computer and deleted all of the original Acer stuff that came on the computer, like everything that was on the desktop the first time I started it was gone afterward. I brought it back into the place I bought it and they told me they had fixed it but there still wasn’t any of the Acer software on my computer. I went to use the OrbiCam this week and it wouldn’t work. I was reading what other ppl had wrote about it but when I search for it nothing even come up! I also can’t put my computer on hibernate, or sleep, because when I turn it back on the screen jumps around and I have to shut it down. Can anyone help me? What should I do??


  1. gr0undh0gd4y says:

    its Vista.
    Orbicam should work ok in MSN on vista but i had the same trouble and went back to xp pro.

    need to know which orbicam you have the high or low res ?
    low res cam uses Bison bar software.

    or i can email the drivers to you, but need to know what res.

  2. I had the same problem. I went to the acer web site and they had the drivers for it there. Go to the downloads and find the drivers section. Once you get everything worked out you’ll like vista better than XP. Plus, most of the stuff acer puts on there does more harm than good, so it’s good to take that extra stuff off (you still need the drivers to use the webcam though).

  3. Go to control panel>device manager and search if any yellow question mark appears anywhere if so right click on it and select update driver that should help you i had a similar problem a few months ago and that is how i solve it.

  4. Set it back to factory settings.On turning it on pressALT+F10
    together.You may have to do it a few times until you get it.Make
    a recovery disc.Just read the girl above.Acer are very good at
    picking up and repair.But under the law.Where you bought it is
    responsible.So don’t be fobbed off by them if you take it back.I
    wouldn’t touch vista.

  5. fishshogun says:

    i dont think its the computer i think its vista because mine doesnt come out of sleep normaly anymore either or more to the point its microsoft. as far as the acer stuff if its an acer comp i would get ahold them and tell them and tell them if they dont help you fix it youre gonna have to run around sayin bad things about acer.
    they should take care of it

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