Mini laptops vs regular laptops?

For those mini laptops, what is it that those mini’s don’t have? Can they do all what normal laptops do? I like the tiny laptops but I want all the same stuff as a normal sized laptop.


  1. Well to be really honest I have not heard good about mini-laptops

    So I will suggest that you should go for a refurbished laptop which comes just like new and plus they are also fully packed with great features too

    I myself using a good refurbished laptop

  2. The mini laptops also known as "netbooks", are not as powerful as a regular laptop. They lack the larger capacity hard drives, the CPUs are not as fast and powerful, the graphics capabilities are limited, there is no room for an optical drive, and the RAM is reduced. There are other more technical specs that also describe the limited capabilities of these ultra-portables but I will leave it at the major drawbacks that most people understand.
    These ultra-portables are not meant to replace a laptop used for business or gaming but are meant as a secondary to use when you don’t need the full power of a regular laptop or desktop.
    Go to a website like to build and price both a mini and regular notebook and compare the specs.

  3. Mini laptop
    Small display, no cd drive, small keyboard

  4. d_curry_09 says:

    Those Mini Laptops have generated the name NetBook, and for good reasons.

    The only thing they really lack compared to normal Laptops are a disc drive or power.

    They have small screens and keyboards which make them hard to use, and on top of that they really can’t do much except your basic word processing or surfing the internet because of the lack of power.

    Even then you can’t do word processing because of the small keyboard.

    Finally, My opinion I don’t recommend a NetBook. Most people get suckered into them because of their small price, but their is a reason for the small price. They are good for surfing the internet/checking email on the go (hence the name NetBook) but other then that, they don’t make good computers. Most smartphones are more useful then this things, again in my opinion.

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