Mini Laptop/notebook help please?

i would like to buy a mini laptop but i don’t know which one or ones are the best to go for?

I mainly want to use it for internet and to store my photos on. Can anyone give me some advice as to which laptops to go for? Thank you.


  1. I recommend a NOTEBOOK. A mini laptop is like 8" diagonally, where a notebook is usually 12 – 15" which is just right for viewing photos and using the internet (Note: My ASUS Eee PC (which is a notebook) is consistently slow – I don’t know if it’s my Internet or the PC, so I recommend NOT getting an ASUS)

  2. I suggest you DO NOT buy a mini laptop. The screen size is so small that you can’t view an entire web page, so you have to keep scrolling around right and left to read the text or view the pictures. It’s really ANNOYING. I got one and sold it after nearly committing suicide.

    Get a 14" Acer laptop. I have 2 and they’re good.

  3. Most mini laptops and notebooks have similar specifications.
    My advice to you would be to go to a store where you can try them out.
    The most important thing about laptops is that you feel comfortable working on the computer.

    Also on the best buy website you can compare computers that they sell.

  4. Notebook totally. The notebook is ment for Internet. It is small and easy to transport. Try it. Has a good security system so you don’t have to worry about viruses

  5. Fouad Ali says:

    don’t go for mini laptop. try this company, they sell brand new laptops for cheap price

  6. Francesca Page says:

    have a look at the dell mini series, they used to do a 9 and 11 inch model otherwise there are 13 inch models. They can be customised to any colour and are really good

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