LG X110 notebook webcam help?

I bought my notebook second hand and I says that no webcam is on it. However, there is one built it. The webcam is a 1.3 mega smart cam. Is there anything I can download to make it work?


  1. First off… the way i see it you do not have a laptop, its a net book.

    A net book is a smaller version of a laptop that has no optical drive and its main purpose it to browse the net and have web chatting.

    Visit this link.

    Go to "[WebCam] LG Notebook CyberLink YouCam Program Ver 1.00.2008" and click on "YouCAM.zip" to download the drivers.

    word of advise scan the download. install and restart computer.

  2. http://www.lg.com/uk/support/index.jsp

    Go to this link, then type your model in and search and follow through and you wil find a driver for your webcam. This will be a small downloand that you can run to install the webcam on your computer.

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