Lenovo IdeapadZ580 vs Sony Vaio E15?

They both have similar specs, and are abut £650 each.
Anyone know about build quality or features that would make either of them better than the other?
Or any other ideas for laptops? I just ask that they have a 3rd gen i7 processor.

Thanks :)
13 inch macbook pro doesn’t have a graphics card… Just intel. If I could afford it I’d go for the 15 inch but I could get 3 Sony’s for that price.


  1. shirish says:

    best laptop in market: macbook pro 13 inch 2.9 ghz dual core intel i7 (if you can afford it then buy it!)

    best laptop in your choice;Lenovo IdeapadZ580

  2. Sony vaio is the best. They are stylish and handy also.

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