So the holidays are coming up and I need some help. I want a gaming lap top( yes a lap top, not a pc) that needs to be able to run MOST steam games( nothing like crysis or COD… I have a console for that) more like L4D and fallout, terraria and other things like that. So ya any suggestions , just something good, not. Friggin solid gold eyeball-melter just a reliable laptop good for games. Really reliable and price is ok( just not too expensive) so the laptop needs to be good for gaming, and basic functions like Microsoft PowerPoint and word and web browsing. Now is such laptop docent exist…. Just gimme the closest thing… Thanks I guess


  1. you need a high graphic laptop for games, look for HP Pavilion which is designed for home using and games, with a dedicated VGA card 1GB at least preferred (nvidia then ATI)

  2. Maybe the Acer Aspire AS5755G-9471 with a memory upgrade.

  3. It is an electronic device which helps to work very fast.

  4. Noah Murad says:

    look for laptops with good graphics cards. a good graphic card should have at least a gig of video ram. you also want at least 8 gigs of ram, and an i7 core preferably, i5 if youre really under a budget. If you want you can get a laptop with 4 gigs of RAM and buy more RAM for it but it must be upgradable. You should be able to find a laptop like this for about 1k buckeroos

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