Laptops – notebooks/netbooks?

I’m lookin for a laptop I know roughly the specifications I want however Ive noticed on line there are notebooks and netbooks and I’m not sure what these are. Are they just a different name for a laptop?


  1. Airbus A330 says:

    Notebook is the same as Laptop but different name. Netbook is a small computer about 9inch display and there much expensive than notebook because of there size, portability and the SSD (Solid State Drive) The SSD is the most expensive out of the whole Netbook. Most Netbooks have them because they use less power and smaller for there size. If your buying one then go for a Notebook.

  2. Oh, golly! says:

    The Samsung NC-10 or its slightly bigger brother the NC-20 are very good netbooks. They are not "cheaper" in terms of £ for processing power, but more convenient.

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  4. Hello,

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  5. howdy, netbooks are small (typically about 10inch) machines with smaller slow processors than regular laptops. they are mainly for surfing the web and emailing. my wife has one for making presentations.

    notebooks are laptops …

    hope this helps, jim.

  6. uroxsmysox says:

    Netbooks are usually smaller and more portable, but lack the power and capacity that regular laptops have. Laptops usually carry faster processor, space, and ram. Price for netbooks are usually cheaper for this reason.

  7. eeepc

  8. A notebook is the same thing as a laptop. A netbook is a smaller computer meant for basic stuff like web browsing and listening to music. Most of them are around 9-11 inches, so the keyboard is kind of cramped and the screen is pretty small, which makes multitasking hard since pretty much any window you have open will take up most or all of the screen. They also don’t have CD/DVD drives, since there’s no room for them, and they’re very underpowered compared to laptops.

    However, they can be really useful in situations where you’re traveling around a lot and just need quick access to the internet or something to take quick notes on, but they’re also great if you just need something cheap since a lot of them are less than $300. My little sister bought one (an MSI Wind) since it was all she could afford; I installed Xubuntu on it and she’s been pretty much glued to it ever since. Aside from the tiny screen & keyboard, my biggest problem is that a lot of them come with Windows XP pre-installed, which is not only ancient but also the most insecure OS out there, and it wasn’t really designed for smaller screens or less powerful hardware. You really need to replace Windows with Linux (or get one with Linux pre-installed) for them to even be usable in my opinion.

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