Laptops, laptops, and more laptops?

Ok well first of all I’m a homeschooled 9th grader and I would like to have a laptop for school next year. I’ve been watching on ebay really wanting a good computer! It would be even better if it had wifi. But I don’t really no what I’m doing what do I need for a good CHEAP laptop!! IDK!!! Whats a good gig amount! please just help me with laptops!! and also how does the LAN work. I have verizon could I just plug my laptop in to it or what?


  1. i have a dell laptop so sell it has 2gb of ram and a 160gb hd it has a 15.4" screen and it is brand new and Microsoft 2007 is on there to

    i am ask 750 for it let me know if yo what it

  2. offers customizable notebooks for a cheap price(if you dont splurge). As for Wifi, a lot of new laptops come with a built in internet card. However, you need a wireless network for this to work.You can get a wireless router, or just use a nearby network. A good gig amount for your RAM, is 2 gigs. Remember, Vista needs 1 gig of RAM to run properly.
    As for your HDD, or your hard drive, 160 to 250 is good. I have a laptop with 160, and I havent even used half. I download games, music, and movies all the time.
    To use the Verizon network to use your internet, you will need a Verizon card. They sell these, and you pay monthly I believe. You will not need a wireless network if you have this. HOWEVER, you must ask Verizon if they work in your area.

    I hope this answered all your questions. For the brand of laptop, I have a HP/compaq. The customer service is GREAT. I have had to send in my laptop twice(its mostly my fault, dont worry), and the whole send in/receive took less than 4 days. They are great over the phone, and will explain everything.

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