laptops ????

does anyone suggest any good laptops for under £350.the laptop will have to be able to play basic games


  1. phsycogeek says:

    probably ibm

  2. billy billabong says:

    no way will a laptop costing £350 be able to play games, you will have to spend a fair bit more than that.

  3. benmarks03 says:

    get the one i hav its very good a advent 7211 get it from pcworld or currys

  4. I doubt a laptop for £350 could play games well.. lol

  5. go for a second hand one. the new laptops for that price will not be very good.

  6. Nutty Girl says:

    go dell good laptops and doing free warranty which is unbeatable service got extended on my laptop had a problem with my power cable engineer out next day and was fixed ,will def be getting dell again and with extra warranty which was only £50 for 3 yrs well worth it .

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