In about 4 months or so im going to buy a laptop and i need to no what are good makes what are not so good makes what u need for a good laptop nd im spending around £300-£400


  1. A couple of months ago I got a laptop from a shop in the uk called STAPLES. It cost me £299 and it was a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1705 I thought it was a good deal I also got Microsoft works on it hope this helps

  2. captain3249 says:

    To be quite honest you would be better asking a similar question in 4 months time when you are ready to buy.A new laptop though will probably come with Vista so look for Vista Premium,Core2Duo processor,2gb RAM,120gb hard drive.(These are minimum specification to accept)Good luck!!

  3. Sapphire x0x says:

    Dell is the best make

    Get Inspiron 1520/1521 you get to chose which ever colour you want it to be

    there is 8 colours to chose from –
    Its a really good laptop

    Hope I helped

  4. Answers R Us says:

    Your main problems not getting a notebook but getting a good warranty.
    If your screen failed or main board then they are normally as much as the notebook is worth.

    My Brother got an Acer and got a 3 year warranty for (I believe) £84 which was far less than PC World.

    Shop around and you might get a good deal like he did, he also got 2gb of ram for only £30 extra and a free bag and portable mouse – AND they delivered the next day free.

  5. psyduck lover says:

    panasonic CF-50 or a Eee PC 4G is a good laptop as i have one i depends what you are going to use the laptop for! but if your not shore go to PC world!=]

  6. Don’t go to PC World!!
    Dells are usually fine. Specification depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to play recent games you will need a decent graphics card, which will mean at least doubling your budget. If it’s just for web-browsing, word processing, email, then the lowest spec, cheapest one you can find will do the job.

  7. Go to PC World!

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