Can you trace your laptop if it has been stolen afew weeks ago??? If You Can How?


  1. bambamitsdead says:

    By serial number or mac address if you took note of them.

    By security sticker if you fixed one onto the outside. Or magic water on the inside.

    Even if you had a tracker device, it’d be easy to remove and dispose of.

    Otherwise, no.

  2. If you knew some very detailed information about the laptop like the MAC addresses of the network interfaces then in principle it might be detected when it is on-line. But this requires ISPs to co-operate so unless it had state secrets on it nobody will try to do this for you.

    So for all practical purposes, I’m afraid the answer is No.

  3. krismcewan says:

    not remotely unless you have the aforementioned tools loaded up.

    I hope you took a note of the serial number and passed it onto the police though.

    if its recovered at any time they can trace it back to you and maybe find out who stole it.

  4. If you have software built into the notebook that allows this then yes you may be able to track it. If someone is using the information on the notebook to access your on-line accounts, it is possible to trace the IP address but does require law enforcement to get involved. Seeing that the IP address can be masked, even that can lead to dead ends….

    Sorry to say that for the most part if you don’t have a anti-theft solution such as Lo-Jack in the notebook at the time of the theft. All the theft has to do is format the hard drive and sell the notebook. These do find them selves on eBay and Craigslist, so that may be a good place to start looking.

    Tell me you wrote down your serial number to help you track down the fleeing laptop?

  5. I don’t think so. Im sorry

  6. Unfortunately not unless it had some anti-theft mechanism installed such as XTool Laptop Tracker or LoJack for laptops, etc. See

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