Laptop vs.desktop?

Is a laptop more lasting or a laptop?
How long does a laptop can last?


  1. dadams1994 says:

    Desktops dont really ever stop working but they do get out dated. Laptops after a drop or a jolt or something they will probably either A be totaly destroyed or B The hard drive will be the only thing to really survive C Nothing happens (congrats) other than that i love my laptop it is the best computer i have ever had. I have had it for almost a year now and i still havent found it outdated. Desktops are cheaper and last forever but it is so expensive to keep your desktop running when it is finaly time to upgrade. Laptops are kinda easy you just flip it over take out the hard drive and put the new one in same with the ram. It still all comes down to your needs laptops have alot of cool features. But then again desktops are long lasting. They both have their pros and their cons but i definetly like laptops better than desktops because they have the same features as desktops and are portable. I dont miss my desktop at all.

  2. ewwwbuythismobilecom says:

    if you let it on 24 hours to download, a desktop is better

  3. cherry_pink says:

    i think desktop is more worth it.

  4. †Luke† says:

    A desktop can last much longer than a laptop because:
    `~Laptops run on BATTERY; not direct electric like desktops.
    `~Laptops are easier to SPILL things on and drop; unlike a desktop, in one solid place.
    `~Laptops can last about 5 years, because of the backlight burning out, or other pesky reasons.

    A laptop is BETTER than a desktop because:
    `~Laptops are portable.
    `~That’s all! =p

    I’d definitly go with the desktop on saying that it would be much more durable, efficent, worth your money, and longer-lasting.
    –Merry Christmas and Thank you! ^.^ –

  5. chicnlips2012 says:


  6. nakra_92 says:

    Desktop u get more for your money cause it longer lasting

  7. gabound75 says:

    I like a laptop better for the simple matter of portability. Desktops tend to be cheaper these days (from what I’ve seen), unless you can find a really good deal on a laptop somewhere. But laptops are cool. Most places have free Wi-Fi these days, so you can access the internet from just about anywhere. And if you’re out of town or on a trip or whatever, you can still have your ‘puter with you. It still boils down to your needs and interests. The more power, memory, features, etc., the more expensive the laptop. It’s like you’re paying an arm and a leg for them to cram all the technology in a smaller space. You can definately get a top-of-the-line desktop for cheaper than a laptop (again, from what I’ve seen). Good luck, and enjoy your new computer – whatever you decide!

  8. i believe a desktop do last longer. moreover u can upgrade e CPU when its outdated while its highly impossible for a laptop.

    then again, there’re positive sides of a laptop. ;)

  9. the backlight tends to be the first thing to go in a laptop. Mine lasted about 2 years. You may as well trash it after this happens because it’s so expensive to repair.

  10. danuitti says:

    A desktop may last as long as 9 years. A laptop might last 5 years.

    Here the reasons why you would NOT buy a laptop:
    - cost more to buy
    - cost more to expand
    - cost more to repair
    - limited to what you can upgrade
    - contains some proprietary hardware with only one source
    - battery dies in 3 years and you must buy a new one
    - breaks easily, new screen costs between $200 and $500 to fix
    - easy to spill something in the keyboard, which would be a costly repair, for a desktop, a keyboard costs only $20.
    - laptops are the most stolen item, they provide instant cash for drug dealers who ruin communities
    - small screen, a desktop may be connected to a huge monitor for all use.
    - when children use a laptop, it is often more difficult to monitor what trouble they are getting into. Children should use a desktop that is in the family room of the house, so they are better controlled.

    So, unless you MUST have a laptop, get a desktop.

    Good luck and Happy Computing!

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