Laptop To Laptop Wireless??????????!!!!!!!!!!?

I have a laptopt (1) connected to the internet via ethernet cable with windows XP and i have another laptop (2) with windows vista and is not connected to the internet

How can i connect Laptop (1) To Laptop (2) so i can have internet on Laptop (2)
via wireless can someone tell me step by step


  1. Me Oh my... says:

    Do you want them to have internet on at the same time??

    If NOT , all you have to do is take the ethernet wire out of lap top 1 and connect it to lap top 2 , and then disconnect the power wire from the back of your router (assuming your internet is provided by a cable company) for 10 seconds and then plug it back into the router. Lap top 2 should now have an internet connection. Lap top 1 will sit and cry. :(

    I hope I’ve helped. If not , don’t worry someone else surely will.

    Good luck!

  2. bkdaniels2006 says:

    Without an extra ethernet cord and two-way-spliter, I don’t think this is going to be possible. A wireless router would work, too. However, as for now, you will have to pull the ethernet cord off of laptop 1 and connect it to laptop 2.

    With a tow-way-spliter, you may be able to connect another laptop to the laptop you have now. It shouldn’t be too power consuming, expecially if you have a strong DSL signal, such as comcast. If not, you will need to invest in a wireless router which will boost the signal enough for you to connect up to five computers.

    Hope this answers your question!

  3. Patrick says:

    Buy a wi-fi router buddy, save yourself the hassle.

  4. ez80227 says:

    on the first laptop you must right click on your network connection and either select share this connection or bridge connectios (w the wireless, this laptop must have wireless for either option to work). and then you set up the second as an adhoc connection to the first.

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