Laptop to Laptop Wireless Connection?

I want to connect my laptop _directly_ to another laptop without using an ethernet cable or any sort of solid medium. Both laptops have wireless connection capabilities.

Is it possible?
If it is, how can I do it?


  1. slickeroo_9183 says:

    Google/Yahoo! search for how to use "Ad Hoc"

  2. lakshay_chhabra says:

    With two laptops with the same version of Windows and wireless adapters, you can share information, chat or play game wirelessly.

    Most of the laptops have Wi-fi or wireless connection. Therefore, you do not need any wire to connect two laptops in your house or in your office. All you need to do is to create a pear-to-pear connection between these two.

    At first, you have to label IP for laptops you want to connect because they normally do not have an access point. Here’s how you create an IP for your laptop:

    Step 1: Open "Wireless Network Connection Status" (Image 1) in your Windows (it should locate in your system tray". If not, you can still open it in control panel).

    Step 2: Click "Properties" to open "Wireless Network Connection Properties" (Image 2).

    Step 3: Double-click "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and set IP for both of your laptops. The IP address can be random. However, you should have the same "Subnet mask". For example:

    Computer 1:


    Subnet mask: 311.311.311.0

    Computer 2:


    Subnet mask: 311.311.311.0

    You can leave other information blank.

    Now, after having their own IP, your laptops can be connected to each other. You have to go to the taskbar and find "Wireless Network Connection" symbol. Right-click and choose "Change the order of preferred networks" in the appeared window.

    Next, you have to add a new network. Name your network at "Network name" blank and create a password at "Network key". Notice that you have to mark "This is a computer to computer".

    Find the symbol of wireless network in system tray right-click to it. Choose "View wireless network". Click "Connect". Now, one of your computers will broadcast signal and with for other computer to connect. In the computer that receives signal, search for the network that you created and named. Click "Connect".

    After connecting two laptops, you can share files, chat or even play game through LAN. Using "Net meetings" (available in most version of Windows) would be the best way to use the connection. Go to run, type in Conf to open Net Meeting.

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