Laptop "suitability"?

Hi guys! This is me asking yet another question about laptops!
Anyway, I’m a young person who enjoys playing games and messing around with videos and songs and likes being able to surf the net easily, but I need something which is quite small, has pretty good battery life, is not too slow and has a lot of hard drive space. I need to know if this laptop would best suit my needs. By the way if you can suggest a laptop try and make it somewhere between £100-£150 please.

Here is the laptop:


  1. P'tang Ole Biscuitbarrel says:

    you wont be able to play games with this………..also it only has 20gb hard drive……….borrow an extra £75 rom your dad,gran and get this hp laptop with 12 months guarantee…………..better buy new as refurbished laptops are a waste of money

  2. Seems ok if were just for music but a 16mb graphics card would stuggle to power most 3d applications but for the price it seems ok hope this helps

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