Laptop suddenly stopped working?

I was in the middle of an essay and the power went. No function lights are working so no power going throgh at all. Thinking it was the adaptor I purchased a new one but its still not working. I know laptop screens are usually the first to die, killing the laptop all together but I had no warning at all! The laptop is only about a year old. Any help would be appreciated


  1. If the monitor failed it wouldn’t affect the rest of the laptop. So that’s not the fault. It wouldn’t be your power adapter, because your battery would have kicked in if it failed.
    For something like this to happen its got to be a serious failure. You probably damaged the motherboard. Maybe from overheating, or just poor build quality. If its under a year, call the manufacturer and have it fixed for free.

  2. LCPL USMC says:

    Check if it is in warranty.

    If you are getting no power indicators at all, your chances aren’t very good.

    Hold the function (FN) key down for 10 seconds.

    If that doesn’t work…

    Take the battery out. Unplug the adapter. Press the power button in 10 times. on the 11th time, hold it down for 10 seconds. Plug the AC adapter back in, leaving the battery out. See if it will power on.

    If that doesn’t work, you have a bad system board.

    Hope you are still in warranty.

  3. It is most likely the power supply on your motherboard, if it still has a valid warranty then i would suggest claiming it on that but if not then you could maybe claim it on insurance or take it to a repair shop.

  4. YU 勇 は 別に噛まないよー! says:

    If some hardware is malfunctioning, you will get no warning message in any case before it breaks down.
    If you get no lights and the laptop won’t turn on even with a functioning AC-Adapter, it is likely that some major device in your laptop is broken such as an invert transistor on your motherboard. This is not repairable by yourself, and you will have to replace the motherboard.

    laptops monitor is dead -> laptop starts up with no problems, you can even connect an external monitor, skipping the use of the laptops monitor.
    memory ram is dead -> laptop starts up giving beep messages, a code for checking the memory
    cpu is dead -> laptop won’t start, this could be another possibility
    adapter is dead -> laptop won’t start without power…
    hdd is dead -> laptop will start, but not go into windows
    motherboard is dead -> laptop won’t start

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