Laptop Question to laptop owners.?

I’m 15 and looking for a laptop. What’s your personal favorite company? All I like to do is play Sims 2(soon 3), internet, and write school reports on Microsoft Word. I have no clue on what laptop to choose, for there are so many. What would you recommend, and I don’t mean you ‘like this laptop’. No, I need a laptop that you LOVE and can’t live without! Help! (And I’m not a huge fan of Macs)


  1. HP. Affordable and pretty well-made. Good price-to-performance ratios.

  2. I have a hp pavilion, i bought it like a month ago for 1600 Dollars its really cool and i can do whatever i want

  3. Dad's found yer scoo'er says:

    I own a Dell and a Samsung. The Samsung is so much better, albeit that I’m a bit biased cos I used to work for them.

  4. any that isnt apple and u should b fine.

  5. Wall-eLover says:

    Well, even if you’re not a fan of macs, the macbook pro is PERFECT for you

    I play Sims2 on my brother’s macbook pro and it runs so fast and so the images are great! The keyboard is really cool, it has handy light up keys for typing at night, and it’s perfect for any student.

  6. Hey :)

    Well i LOVE My Dell Insprion 1720 Laptop, I Only Got It Yesterday And Im Still Finding New THings On It!
    It Cost Only £399 From Currys And Uu Can Get It From Pc World, But It’s on Special offer At The Moment So It Wont Be There Forever!
    Also The Laptop Has A Built In Webcam, Numeric Keypad And Microphones So Its Perfect For Chatting To Mates, Doing Your Typing With The Sleek Silver Keyboard And Playing The Sims 2/3 Becos It is A Really Fast Laptop Too.

    Hope Uu Get A GOod Laptop!

    :) x

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