Laptop purchase. Acer or dell?

Basicall im torn between an acer 5633 wlmi (intel core 2 t5500) or an amd(turion x2 tl52) powered dell. I’ve seen alot of negative reports about acers build quality, however the general specs are alot better then the dell for less money. Any advice or thoughts on these, or other brands would be great. I got a budget of £600 max. Thanks!


  1. if you’re thinking of buying a laptop you should check out this site first. they give you a sony vaio laptop for FREE! all you need to do is complete a few quick tasks for them.

  2. Dude go for Dell, its not like something is wrong with Acer but you get an option of customising your Laptop with Dell which u don’t get with Acer also the after sales services provided by Acer is better than Dell but its just that Dells performance surpasses that of Acer.
    Bottom Line:
    Acer is not bad BUT
    Dell is better.

    I hope I’ve helped You.

  3. I have had ACER for about 8 years now first a lap top which is still working ok for the past year I have had a desk top no problems so far
    I think it´s the luck of the draw which ever make you buy whether you have an iffy one or not

  4. I have an acer aspire 5672 and its very good (have had it a year now and only had one real problem because of something I downloaded but fixed it in about 1 hour) The only problem is the fan is on the right side and it gets quite hot and also the mouse pad on the laptop gets very hot too so I just use a mouse for it. Apart from that I think its a very good laptop. I dont know about Dell’s but i have heard you can get them very cheaply so I would think coz of that they wouldnt be quite as good or wouldnt last as long etc…

    Try going to and looking for laptops on there. You may find some other brand that is better and also cheap. I think they find the cheapest ones in the UK and it was useful for me when I bought mine. I think the best laptops are Toshiba’s but they are quite expensive – thats why I got the Acer. So if you want to choose out of Dell and Acer I would suggest Acer.

  5. I suggest neither. I hate both acer and dell. They sell substandard machines. I have consistently used HP and I’ve been happy with all of my machines. They are durable and well constructed. They offer a wide selection of laptops in your price range.

  6. if they are cheaper, then there is a reason! i had an acer and they are JUNK!!!!!! i bout a laptop about 3 weeks ago actually and i got a dell…LOVE IT!!! dell is a much better brand. it might cost you a lil more in the beginning, but it will be worth it b/c you might actually be spending less overall with all the repairs you will have to get with the acer! NO ACER!!! lol

  7. koalatcomics says:

    STAY AWAY FROM DELL….service is lousy, lots of parts and programmig are dell specific and upgrades can get costly. also if you lose or have password issues forget it…they go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overboard on password protection.

  8. never buy acer, my friends acer laptop (€1000) was broken (hardware) after a small year

  9. Toshiba

  10. You get what you pay for. The cheaper the computer the cheaper the parts used to build it…

  11. OMG NEVER buy an acer. the reason that they’re cheaper is.. well… the ARE cheaper. They’re pieces. :) I love Dell. minus the customer service.

  12. buy dell .,
    its best
    acer is waste
    by brother always purchase acer latops as they r cheap & good..,but no quality with in few months u will get repair
    its no use
    buy dell
    i bought dell for 1400 euros with 2.4 gb ram 200 gb harddisk
    256 k graphics is rocking

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